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Emerald Harvest Root Wizard Research Dossier

Root Wizard

Emerald Harvest Root Wizard Empower your garden with Root Wizard a massive root builder from Emerald Harvest. Containing several strains of beneficial bacteria that will invigorate the rhizosphere of plants growing in a hydroponic system. Beneficial bacteria is a group of free-living bacteria that colonize the rhizosphere and benefits root growth. It’s a fact that […]

Achieve Healthier Buds & Flowers with Bloom Boosters

Tomatoes + Bloom Boosters

See your Plants blooming with Denser, Healthier and Gooier Buds, and Flowers… exclusively with Bloom Boosters Bloom Boosters. What impression do you get just by hearing the name? Well, don’t you feel that it sounds like it has potential to boost your flowering by skyrocketing the development of a huge number of buds? Exactly! That’s […]