Rejuvenate the Flowers in Your Garden with Aroma Enhancers

Flowers, of each and every variety, fill the world of nature with aroma and color. Likewise, the flowering stage is undoubtedly the most rewarding phase as your hard work and devoted time start to pay off. A majority of hydroponics growers find it difficult to obtain exceptionally large and quality flowers packed with flavor and aroma simultaneously in the same cycle.

But such situations may possibly be avoided by using of a perfect blend of nutrients that fortunately, help growers achieve full blooms with wonderful fragrances and bold, bright colors. The basic staples of hydroponic gardening include premium base nutrients, a quality root builder, a bloom booster and an aroma enhancer along with stimulants, all of which are readily available at your local home & garden shop. Each one of these nutrients plays an important role both autonomously or when mixed together and maximizes overall plant growth.

How aroma enhancers work

Aroma enhancers primarily include carbohydrates; derived from natural resources as a key ingredient, specially designed to improve flavor and fragrance. The sugar entity not only imparts sweetness but also bulk up the root mass and nourishes beneficial microbes in the root zone. Adding a source of natural sugars in the initial stages of flowering enhances color, taste, aroma and overall yield. A direct relationship exists between the amount of carbs made available to plants and the eventual size, weight and quality of harvest. Hence, plants like humans, also need fuel to accelerate growth.

Carbohydrates as an energy source

Carbohydrates are a readily available source of energy made accessible to the plants when they gear up for bloom. Carbohydrates are necessary for energy production in all plant cells. Though all through the flowering phase, the plant’s requirement for sugars surpass their ability to produce them, thus drawing all their energy towards sugar production rather than on flowering. If you supply your plants with most of the carbohydrates they need now, your plants will not have to struggle to manufacture their own sugar and free up energy for other vital process. By delivering ready made energy, you push your plants to utilize maximum energy in increasing the quality and yield.

Nourishing beneficial microbes

Carbohydrates promote sturdy root growth and influence ion uptake along with other developmental processes. Transporter proteins bind with carbohydrates and translocate them to the root zone. The microbial biomass present in the root zone in turn feed on these additional sweeteners and pump up the root mass. The overall impact augments nutrient uptake ensuing bigger flowers and quality yield.

Synthesis of the floral scent in flowers is accredited to specific compounds like aromatic esters, terpens and polyphenols and coloration is mainly due to the presence of pigments. However, along with carbohydrates, aroma enhancers also comprise such bio molecules that not only impart flavor and fragrance but also rejuvenate your flowers in the garden. So go ahead, be generous with your use of aroma enhancers. Your flowers will thank you with delicious fragrances and big, bold, bright colors.

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