Protect Plants from Discoloration: Cal-Mg Mix for Plant Growth

discolored plant leaves

Have you ever observed water-soaked spots on your fully blossomed vegetables?

You might have seen it while growing in the coco coir or other mediums, where the lower end of the healthy fruit becomes totally discolored, soggy and rotten. Quite an eye sore, isn’t? It really makes you feel bad when you put great effort to grow your plants with patience for a healthy harvest and then the outcome is absolutely disheartening. This condition is the classic sign of nutrient deficiency, which growers and agriculturists are very much familiar with.

Plants starve for calcium and if starvation continues, it leads to discoloration!

At the outset, it must be clear to you that discoloration is a physiological disorder and not a plant disease. It is seen more frequently in high value crops.

Calcium deficiency is one of the key factors responsible for staining. As children require calcium and minerals to build strong bones and muscles, plants require the same throughout their growing phase. Growers often fail to realize the importance of calcium to plants during the bloom phase. A simple imbalance in calcium leads to damage in essential structures of plants, hinders normal cell growth, lowers immunity to diseases, and causes breakage in tissues. This ultimately results in a characteristic lesion.

In short, you can say that discoloration occurs when calcium demand for the plants exceeds the amount they receive.

Although, the overall appearance of the plant may be healthy, the fruit starts rotting at the onset of blossom season. The water-soaked blossom-end enlarges and can be identified as a brown leathery patch. However, imbalance in calcium is not the only and sole cause. There are other factors that are responsible, it includes over watering the plants, drought and stress.

So the big question here is: How to protect plants from discoloration?

Cal-Mg Mix: The One and Only Solution to prevent a deficiency in your garden.

Cal-Mg Supplement is used depending on the stage of plant growth. The product is designed to nourish crops with extra calcium and magnesium and create the right condition for flowering and heavy yield. The supplement mix provides strength and correct nutrient deficiency. Calcium is an integral component of plant cell wall and regulates growth. Calcium is also involved in rapid metabolic activities inside cells, where, it has an important function in intracellular communication. Plant cells metabolize slowly or stop completely if not supplied with a balanced source of calcium. While magnesium is required by plants in a significant amount and is essential for chlorophyll production. The reason plants are green is because of magnesium; this metal is at the center of every chlorophyll molecule (the green pigment in plants). Without magnesium, the chlorophyll molecule falls apart, and light energy won’t be captured in photosynthesis, thus plants cannot make their own food and the growth possibility becomes null.
This combination endows the goodness of calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients into your plants, thereby protecting them from physiological disorder. Subsequently, when plants receive adequate calcium, they are absolutely out of the risk of developing blossom end rot.

Therefore, we suggest you to try a premium Cal-Mg mix and give your plants exactly what they need during grow and bloom phases. Last but not least, maintain the desired pH, water levels and temperature of the grow room consistently so that your plants respond well to the nutrients and receive 100% of the benefits your provide.

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