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Honey Chome is a superior quality aroma and resin enricher that nurtures your plants with essential elements for nutrient uptake. It works as a building block and enables your plants to grow healthy and flower abundantly. It improves your crops appearance, taste, and smell and helps them cure and store better. But how? Honey Chome boosts terpene-rich essential oils and pigment-rich flavonoid production for better fragrance, flavor, potency and color. There are 3 key sources of carbohydrates to boost your yields by fueling growth and flowering and by feeding the beneficial microbial life that build up roots. Its an organic source of carbon and nitrogen, vitamins, aromatic esters and sugars that enrich every molecular essence of life in a flowering plant.

These naturally occurring ingredients each serve a special purpose and each one has a distinguished, vital role to play:

  • enhance taste, color, size, and fragrance of flowers
  • contribute carbohydrates to feed beneficial microbes of the root zone
  • supply molecules extracted from natural sources that give cannabis plants their characteristic aroma and flavor

With Honey Chome, you get vibrant crops and stickier, more resinous harvests.

The Science Behind the Formula

Carbohydrates are essential for energy production in all cells. They are reduced carbon sources and most often used by cells to grow and divide. These carbohydrates simulate about one-quarter of a soil’s organic matter with much of it being derived from plant polysaccharides in roots and other plant debris. Carbohydrates also promote vigorous root development. You see, roots also have specialized transporter proteins that recognize carbohydrate molecules, bind to them, and then trans-locate them into the roots. Numerous studies have demonstrated that carbohydrates influence ion uptake by the roots and other developmental processes. And scientists have observed that adding carbs to your plants enhances growth and “modulates adventitious rooting”.

As such, Honey Chome provides microbial inoculants with the energy they need to thrive. Just as plants use carbohydrates for energy, so do beneficial bacteria and fungi. They consume sugars, root exudates (plant waste) and other organic material in the rhizosphere. This ramps up their reproduction and community activity. More microbial activity means even more organic matter is converted into bioavailable nutrients. It also means longer, stronger roots capable of absorbing more nutrients. And more nutrients mean more growth, flowering and bigger harvests.

Some experienced growers swear by pure molasses, yet it is difficult to determine exactly how much to add to your reservoir. All microbes—beneficial and harmful ones alike—feed on the sugars in molasses and other carb sources. An overload of carbs may do more harm than good by supplying more food than the beneficial microbes need and allowing the harmful ones to thrive on the surplus. As a result, the delicate microbial ecosystem in the root zone is upset.

Honey Chome contains just enough carbohydrates to sustain a vibrant microbial inoculant population. Its this unique combination of ingredients that has proven to deliver the highest quality and quantity of flowers and fruits with enhanced size, aroma, weight, essential oils, color, and fragrance.

Use Honey Chome as a supplement to your favorite base nutrient series during the vegetative and flowering phases for guaranteed professional results. Enjoy Your Sweet Success.

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4 thoughts on “Product Spotlight | Honey Chome

    • Ty Harvest says:

      Its great for all types of gardening – hydro, soil, pots, coco – we’ve formulated it for maximum flexibility.

  1. Michael Gonthier says:

    I noticed a big difference when using Emerald Harvest Nutrients I was testing nutrients and won a 3 part kit from htg supply needless to say I gave up testing because I found what I was looking for. Even tho the other nutrient lines were free my willingness to sacrifice quality just wasn’t there so I now pay for all my nutes I don’t teat anymore and I couldn’t be happier! You have created top notch products plants relate more closely to plant food they can process bone meal and things of that sort but not as well as what is used in emerald harvest you have a life long customer here. There may be better products some day but I won’t know because I’m happy where I’m at!!

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