Nurture Your Garden with a Plant Tonic

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Plant Tonics revitalize your garden with naturally occurring compounds

Gardeners need to raise and nurture their plants in the same manner they bring up their babies. Because your plants are tender, timid and delicate; and when looked after properly they bring you the joys of fruits, flowers and bountiful harvests. So, the first thing to consider towards the healthy development of plants is feeding them properly – in this case the right nutrients in the right proportions. N-P-K, or simple base nutrients, alone are not adequate and proper feeding should be accomplished with additional supplements to enhance overall growth.

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“What are these supplements and how do I select the best ones?”

This is every grower’s quest. And one that we have set out to solve. We recommend products that treat your plants’ with natural ingredients. Consider the addition of a good quality plant tonic, derived naturally, to get the most out of your garden. A premium plant tonic comes with a specially designed formulation of Vitamin B1, Humic Acid, Alfalfa, and Kelp, to speed up your plants growth and development.


How does a plant tonic benefit your garden?

A high-quality plant tonic feeds plants with essential elements for better nutrient uptake. It works as a building block and enables your plants to grow strong and flower abundantly. The naturally occurring ingredients serve special purpose and each one has a distinguished, vital role to play.

  • Vitamin B1 a significant co-factor in carbohydrate metabolism is important in the construction and breakdown of carbohydrates. Vitamin B1 affects root growth primarily because it is essential for cell division in the root meristem. In addition to its nutritional value, Vitamin B1 induces resistance to fungi, bacterial and viral infections.
  • Humic acidit works as chelating agent and helps your plants uptake of micronutrients efficiently. It increases water holding capacity, propping up the conversion of a number of elements into a form available for plant growth, carry ion-exchange, raise buffering, increases root vitality, advances horizontal root growth and stimulates beneficial microbial activity. Though, technically not a fertilizer, humic acid is an effective agent to complement your feeding program.
  • Kelp – often referred to as natures’ ecstasy for plants, kelp is full of rich minerals and trace elements with natural growth hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins. With a storehouse of multiple compounds, kelp triggers a plants natural defense mechanism to resist disease, insects, pests and frost. It has also proven to increase fruiting and flowering, speed up growth, and build immunity. Growth hormones like auxins, gibberellins and cytokinins are the most important constituent of kelp. Together, they mediate cell division, cell enlargement, cell differentiation, chloroplast development and delay senescence or aging. When used frequently, kelp increases overall growth in plants. It improves germination, produces big buds and flowers with longer shelf life, adds color and flavor and defies nutrient deficiency. Always look for a plant tonic with this miraculous ingredient at your local home and garden store and bring the best out of your grow room.
  • Alfalfa – the ‘king of all plant food’ is a naturally occurring special ingredient incorporated into plant tonic. Loaded with many essential vitamins, it is also a rich source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, biotin, potassium among many other trace minerals. It not only builds organic matter to provide nutrients to plant roots, but also is the best source of a growth stimulating molecule called ”TRICONTANOL” (TRIA). Research has confirmed that TRIA doubles plants’ rate of photosynthesis by increasing the activity of enzymes (RUBISCO, ATPase, NADH-oxidase etc.) involved in the mechanism. Net carbon dioxide absorption too elevates when fed with alfalfa. Overall, this plant food is an excellent resource to help your plants achieve higher yield with abundant flowering.

Mother Nature’s naturally occurring compounds are beyond comparison to ones that are chemically synthesized. When something is naturally derived and an evolved product of the Earth, the benefits that arise from using it are abundantly clear and visible. So why not use plant tonic along with your favorite base nutrients and encourage your crops to grow and flower proudly.

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