Benefit from every flower in your garden with King Kola, a premium, powerful bloom booster from Emerald Harvest. High in potassium and phosphorus and fortified with nitrogen derived from hemp, King Kola delivers a robust, weighty harvest full of big, beautiful buds.




Get the most benefit from every flower in your garden with Emerald Harvest King Kola.

A powerful bloom booster designed to create bigger, heavier blossoms, King Kola provides the essential elements your valuable crops need to burst forth in heavy buds and flowers. It’s high in phosphorus and potassium, so using King Kola helps drive budding faster, easier and better than using base nutrients alone. King Kola also contains nitrogen, derived from hemp seed, which helps increase yields.

Another key ingredient that makes King Kola such a powerful bud builder is L-form amino acids. L-amino acids act as natural chelators, so your plant’s roots can soak up the full amount of nutrients they need to produce a satisfying yield. They encourage plant metabolisms to work more efficiently, so there’s little waste of the valuable nutrients you feed your crops. In turn, this drives buds that will be the pride of your garden.

See the guaranteed analysis for more information about our quality ingredients.

Use King Kola as a supplement to a base nutrient series in the flowering phase for guaranteed professional results.

See our feeding chart for simple mixing instructions and application rates.

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Let The King Reign Your Garden

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Directions for Use: mL of product per gallon of water

King Kola
Seedlings & Cuttings
Veg PhaseTransplants
(18-hour light)Early Vegetative
Late Vegetative
Week1Transition4.0 mL
Week 2Early Flowering8.0 mL
Week 2Early Flowering8.0 mL
Week 3Mid Flowering12.0 mL
Flower PhaseWeek 4Mid Flowering12.0 mL
(12-hour light)Week 5Late Flowering8.0 mL
Week 6Late Flowering8.0 mL
Week 8Ripening4.0 mL
Week 9Flush

Do not premix nutrients | Fill the reservoir with water first and then add nutrients| Monitor plants for signs of stress when following a more aggressive feeding program

Guaranteed Analysis

King Kola | 0.3-2-3

Total nitrogen 0.3%
0.15% ammoniacal nitrogen
0.05% other water soluble nitrogen
0.1% water soluble nitrogen
Available phosphate 2.0%
Soluble potash 3.0%

Derived from potassium sulfate, monopotassium phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, and hemp seed flour.