Hydroponics Guide for Beginners: Newsletters, Videos & Stores

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Learning to manage your grow room successfully is more than just gathering factual information. It not only requires optimum data to be applied for the respective scenario, but also an ability to use the information appropriately. Some growers will complain of low yield whereas their counterparts will enjoy a great harvest season. The difference in yield is more often due to a lack of proper information and incomplete knowledge. Learning and applying it in the real life usually helps in successful hydroponic growing.

Let me take you through the best channels for finding useful information to supercharge your hydroponics growth! This should be a hydroponics guide for beginners.

Universities & Colleges – Serving students and the agriculture industry, universities and colleges combine theory and principles with practical training in horticulture as well as maintaining traditional connections to farming and ranching. These institutes of higher learning conduct research on developing crops with enhanced nutrition, lead innovative research projects for renewable and sustainable agriculture, and implement new methods to improve air, land and water quality. Researchers document their work and publish reports, papers and studies that provide valuable resources through their massive online and physical libraries. Anyone can access these resources for personal interest and educational learning. Check out the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Department.

Internet – The best, reliable and readily accessible source is the “Internet”. There are hydroponic forums that allow you to discuss with other experienced hydroponics growers or hydroponic experts. There are web sources that not only portray their hydroponic products, but they talk about best hydroponic systems and most important, they explain the process of hydroponic growing.

Hydroponics Newsletters – Subscribing to newsletters is a great way to know the latest happenings in the hydroponics industry. You may either receive your bulletin online or through the mail, but you will definitely stay on top with the most useful and latest hydroponics news. There are some amazing newsletter services that offer great tips on how to save money on hydroponics fertilizers along with interviews of master growers on achieving the best yields.

Hydroponics Stores – If you are really serious and looking for the realistic facts and sheets on hydroponics, we recommend you to take experts help at your local hydroponics store. As these experts work with a range of fertilizers, they would guide you with helpful tips that could increase the yield and quality of your next harvest. Many hydroponics stores also feature bulletin boards with more relevant information and some advertise for a hydroponics meet up where you would get a chance to interact with other professional growers.

Hydroponics Videos – Watching videos has been a major hit to learn anything in no time. Here is the reason: every hydroponic grower comes up with creative tips, ideas, and solutions for enhancing the success rate of hydroponic growing. It helps you in learning the finer points of growing with an example. There will be some instances which can’t be learnt just by going through the plain text or a piece of information whereas videos would definitely help you with very good practical demonstration. Let’s take an example – making a good cut for cloning, which is merely difficult to understand with information. Try watching a master working on this element, your job becomes easy and simple.

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