Just had a quick question on your feeding program, why do you run feed in your flush week? I’ve always just gone clean water to flush the plant but this is my first run with your full line so not sure if the amounts are low enough that the plant can flush or what.

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Dear Jay,

Good question but we got a great answer.



Flushing the plant with water after charging the growing medium with nutrients is the key to maintaining the correct parts per million (ppm) throughout the crop life cycle. Stair-stepping is a common mistake made by growers by which they add nutrients over and over with little or no water runoff. Below is an illustration showing the effects of incorrect nutrient application:



From the graphic above, you can see the ppm rising and falling based on stair-stepping theory with no runoff. Measuring the water runoff correctly is the key to making the correct flushing adjustment. It is a common mistake to add only water to the plants and test the ppm runoff. This gives you a false reading. The correct method is to mix your nutrients first, then test your ppm before and after feeding the plant, helping you decide the correct course of action. Below is an illustration showing the effects of correct nutrient application:


Flushing the plants at the end of the crop life cycle is the key to removing excess nutrients from plant tissues before harvest. Too high a nutrient concentration can make the end product taste bad and even cause a sparkling effect when ignited. On the other hand, too low a nutrient concentration can cause the plant to shut down too soon and prevent proper ripening.

Therefore, having some—but not too much—base nutrient in your growing medium will allow your crop to finish properly. The correct concentration for flushing is 500 ppm or less to achieve optimum flavor in your harvest. Please let us know if you have any other questions and do share with the community. Thnx again.


Dr. R Sharma

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