1. Hi I recently came across your product at CannaCon in Detroit. I’m definitely stoked to try it I have the professional 2 part nutes series and I’ve started using it on early vegetative. my question do you feed the nutes at every feeding with this pruduct all the way to flushing at week 9  or are there just water days only . I’m already seeing a noticeable difference with your product compared to the product I was using before definitely great stuff. Im using it with Great Lakes soil 600w HPS  or do you recommend using different soil for even better results with your product. Also I noticed on your guide sheet Cal Mag and sturdy stalk supplement would that be necessary with the soil that I am using? Thank you so kindly for your time Angelo
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Hello Angelo,

Thanks for your message. To figure out what watering/feeding ratio is best for your plants, ppm is a good indicator. The right concentration to maintain in a soilless mix is 500–1000 ppm. So, if your runoff after feeding is 30–50 percent, which pushes through old nutrients rather than letting them accumulate, then you can feed your garden daily. If, however, you have little to no runoff, then you run the risk of overfeeding and “burning” the plants with too high concentrations of nutrients.

We recommend testing the ppm before and after feeding to ensure you stay within the right range. You may find that a cycle of feeding, watering and watering again is more productive, depending on your program.
Feed/Water/ Water is a very common feed regime.
We suggest using Sturdy Stalk right out of the gate to help promote healthy, aggressive growth. But we do recommend  for use on water days only. Our base nutrients are as complete as can be – most pro growers judge brands/nutrient lines solely on the performance of base nutrients. And we only have 4 supplements for a truly complete line. So Cal-Mag, Sturdy Stalk, pH UP and pH Down are additives that can be leveraged based on the growth of your garden and your satisfaction.
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