In an online store I have seen that Emerald Harvest also produces a pH up&down. As I can’t find it on your website I wanted to know if you still produce that product.

Thanks and best regards!

  • Oliver Stadler asked 2 years ago
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Hello Oliver Stadler,

Thank you for your message. Yes, we do produce both pH Up and pH Down. Our new premium pH adjusters let you easily fine-tune the nutrient solution of your preferred growing medium. This enables you to regulate the pH for optimal nutrient uptake and stabilize conditions for the beneficial microbes living in the root zone. When the pH of the nutrient solution stays in the “sweet spot” (pH 5.5–6.5), sufficient essential elements remain available to the plant roots for heavy yields and bountiful harvests.

Unfortunately, our shipper [ UPS ] will not allow single bottles of pH Up & pH Down to be shipped via their trucks. So these two products must be purchased from a hydroponics retailer/re-seller which receives the product via palletized cargo. Let us know if you need any further help.

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