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Your feeding schedule depends on your medium to start but also important is the health of your plants and how they are growing, the environment and equally important is what (and how much) you are feeding. You must consider all of these aspects and then determine the best course of action. While we ideally want to get the best harvest, its best to monitor your plants to maintain their optimum health. So be a keen observer and pay close attention to how the plants respond to what and when you feed them – be it water or nutrients.

A general rule of thumb is once a week. For very light feeding, then twice a week or about every 3 days.

If you follow an 8 week schedule, then weeks 1-3 is early flowering so very very light feeding, weeks 3-5 is mid flowering so light feeding, and weeks 5-8 is late flowering so full feeding and weeks 9 is flush so ultra light feeding or water only.

We hope this helps you in growing your best garden.

*Take a look at our feed chart and also download yourself a copy for reference — https://www.emeraldharvest.co/feeding-charts-2-part-3-part-base-nutrient-series/

*This feeding chart is suitable for all growing media in recirculating or drain-to-waste systems.

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