Hello Mohd suhail,

Thank you for your message. This is a complex question – ladyfingers are also known as okra or okro, or ochra – are a common vegetable used in cuisines around the world. It is a perennial, cultivated in tropical and warm temperate regions thus it requires a mix of nutrients and supplements. We recommend our standard base nutrients [ either 2-Part or 3-Part] and at least one bloom booster along with our Emerald Goddess premium plant tonic. Emerald Goddess is highly valuable for its plant-based ingredients – it’s a one -shot tonic full of humic acid, alfalfa and seaweed extracts, additional macronutrients, vitamin Band many other micronutrients to help increase the quality of the flavor, taste and color. In any hydroponics system, you want to increase the quality of the vegetable along with meeting its basic nutrient requirements.

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