I’ve ran your three part series to the t and have great results. I am currently in the middle of week 6 of flower.

During week three of flower I started to notice nitrogen overload ( green shiny fan leaves that happen to curl downward at the tips). I am growing in soil (5gal plastic pots). I think I may have made 2 mistakes.

1. I did not allow for much run off; once the tray filled I allowed the nutients to wick back up into the plants

2. I did not incorporate regular flushes into the feeding schedule.

Question 1

I am feeding these plant 1.3 gals every three days. With that being said, how many feedings should I do before running a flush?

(a little late for this question, but it might help someone else and you may want to incorporate this onto your feeding schedule)


Question 2

Because I am still showing signs of  nitrogen overload, should I run a longer terminal flush?

Question 3

Should I use Honey Chrome during my terminal flush period?


Question 4

Will using Honey Chrome during the terminal flush period affect the taste?


Question 5

How many weeks should I be flushing since I’m using your product in soil?







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