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Nitrogen and its Significance in Your Grow Room

Nitrogen is essential in all spheres of life. Earth’s atmosphere comprises of 75% nitrogen in the form of N2 gas. However, the gaseous form is unavailable for use as there is a triple bond between the two nitrogen atoms, making the molecule completely inert. So, for nitrogen to be accessible, it has to be fixed […]

A Guide to pH and EC of Nutrient Solutions

In simple terms, these are the basics of ph and ec in your nutrient solution. pH of the Nutrient Solution pH is a measure of how basic or acidic a solution in terms of dissolved Hydrogen ion (H+) concentration. So why do you need to monitor and maintain the pH? The answer is simple – […]

How Surfactants Work in Your Grow Room

soil surfactants

If you are grower, I am sure you are aware of the term surfactants. But, do you have any idea about this chemical? Check out how surfactants work in your grow room in our in depth, science based article. Surfactants are organic compounds with an ‘amphiphilic’ property. The term ‘amphiphilic’ refers to the molecule; holding […]

Tips for Regeneration of Plants After the Harvest

Red Head Organic Quinoa

While we are quite familiar with the term “regeneration”, let us understand what “regeneration” refers to, in the case of plants or high value crops after the harvest. It is the process of rejuvenating the plants after the harvest to their vegetative state for a second, or third or more, batches of harvest. And, this […]

How to Select Mother Clones

clone mother plants

In the previous article, we have covered highlights on ‘How to clone high-value crops‘? Our team was happy to give solutions to the queries that we have received lately. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. In this article, let us cover on ‘How to select the Mother clones‘ and the characteristics of mother clones? The […]

How to Clone High Value Crops

high value crops

Consider cloning your high value crops from mother plants instead of seeds. This results in an early harvest of buds and above all, you can skip the germination process which takes considerable amount of time. The strain you develop will undoubtedly be of superior quality because you will be selecting the mother plants with only […]

Protect Plants from Discoloration: Cal-Mg Mix for Plant Growth

discolored plant leaves

Have you ever observed water-soaked spots on your fully blossomed vegetables? You might have seen it while growing in the coco coir or other mediums, where the lower end of the healthy fruit becomes totally discolored, soggy and rotten. Quite an eye sore, isn’t? It really makes you feel bad when you put great effort […]

How to Treat Root Rot for Your Hydroponic Plants

root rot

A major threat to plants grown hydroponically, both indoor and outdoor is a “root rot”. As the name suggests, it’s a condition where the roots tend to rot due to over exposure to water. Bacteria, fungi, and mold invade the roots under such damp conditions and cause them to rot. Well, if you see your […]

Achieve Healthier Buds & Flowers with Bloom Boosters

Tomatoes + Bloom Boosters

See your Plants blooming with Denser, Healthier and Gooier Buds, and Flowers… exclusively with Bloom Boosters Bloom Boosters. What impression do you get just by hearing the name? Well, don’t you feel that it sounds like it has potential to boost your flowering by skyrocketing the development of a huge number of buds? Exactly! That’s […]

How to Choose the Right Grow Light for Hydroponic Gardening

If you are aiming to grow high value crops through indoor or outdoor gardening, an important element to be focused is the ‘Light’ and choosing the Right Grow Light! The two different types of grow lights that are used viz. Metal Halides (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Both are High-Intensity Discharge lamps, capable of […]