How to Select Mother Clones

clone mother plants

In the previous article, we have covered highlights on ‘How to clone high-value crops‘? Our team was happy to give solutions to the queries that we have received lately. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. In this article, let us cover on ‘How to select the Mother clones‘ and the characteristics of mother clones?

The choice of mother plant is vital for obtaining good quality clones and so, you need to ensure that it’s healthy and sustainable. However, the requirements of individuals differ. In other words, while a person may look for a phenotype producing a good amount of trichome, another may require highly potent strains or species having large harvest weight or strains with good taste and aroma. One can select the mother clone accordingly.

How to select the Mother Clones:

  • All selected mother plants must be free from pest, fungal, bacterial, viral and other kinds of plant diseases.
  • It should be highly potent and capable of growing fast and steady.
  • Choose a stress-free mother plant in order to get healthy and strong clones.
  • In order to retain the genetic integrity, a mother plant should not revert to blooming or vegetative state.
  • Mother plants in between vegetative and flowering stage are good cloning stock.
  • Choose a plant that appears rather short and bushy than tall and skinny.
  • More cuttings can be taken off per branch from mother plants having high calyx-to-leaf ratio.

Cloning is an asexual means of reproduction, and any female species can be picked up for mother plant. The clones are cut from the branch tips of the mother plant and then placed in a growing medium along with the treatments needed for cloning. It’s important to know the average life span of the strain chosen by you to avoid growing for an uncertain period, resulting in weak clones. Make sure you expose your mother plants to accurate duration of light- i.e. neither excess nor deficient. In order to have strong genetic characteristics, a mother plant must be exposed to 18/6 (18 hrs light, 6 hrs darkness) lighting schedule.

Advantages of selecting Mother Clones:

A major advantage of selecting mother clones over seeds is saving time and money. Neither you need to buy seeds every planting season nor wait for the seeds to germinate, transplant and then grow into a mature plant. Since all mother clones are of same-sex, it leads to increased yield and consistent progeny.

To summarize, maintain the health of the mother plant to obtain healthy and viable clones.

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