Calcium is a secondary essential macroelement that helps lengthen roots and build strong plant cell walls. Symptoms of calcium deficiency are sometimes noted in plants, especially those grown in coco coir.


Carbohydrates (a.k.a. “sugars”) are an important source of fuel for hydroponic crops. Carbohydrates feed the beneficial microbes in the root zone. Some carbs are also taken up by the plant through the roots. Growers use carbohydrate supplements to give their plants more energy during budding and flowering.

Chelator/chelated micronutrient

Some of the microelements needed by your plants for healthy growth, such as copper and iron, cannot be easily absorbed unless they are chelated (i.e., they form a bond with a larger, organic molecule). Chelated micronutrients are often combined into complexes, so they can be absorbed and used by the plants. A chelator is the […]


Chemical symbol: Co Cobalt is a naturally occurring trace element. Considered an essential component of several enzymes and co-enzymes, it has been shown to affect growth and metabolism of plants by interacting with other elements to form complexes.


Chemical symbol: Cu Copper is an essential micronutrient that assists plant growth and metabolism. Symptoms of copper deficiency are twisted leaves and stunted growth.