Beneficial microbes

Beneficial microbes are responsible for nutrient recycling. They decompose plant residues and other organic byproducts in the growing medium and rhizosphere, and thereby convert them into bioavailable nutrients. Consisting of beneficial bacteria and fungi, beneficial microbes can improve soil fertility and crop productivity.

Seaweed/kelp extract

Seaweed (specifically kelp varieties) is a naturally occurring, nutrient-rich algae containing amino acids. Nutrients found in this extract include potassium, calcium, magnesium and many trace elements. Powders and extracts from seaweed are often used as garden supplements to improve overall growth and plant health.


Trichomes are the fine hairs or prickles on plants. On some species of plant, the trichomes gather aromatic resins, which is why trichomes are highly prized by growers and considered a key indicator of crop quality and potency.