Hemp protein/seed flour

All of the elements found in hemp play an important role in plant growth. The hemp seed flour used in Emerald Harvest products is derived from the seeds of Cannabis sativa itself. A complete protein, our hemp seed flour is a rich, natural source of nitrogen, amino acids, vitamins and enzymes.

Nutrient uptake

Nutrient uptake is absorption of nutrients by the plant roots. The roots absorb water and nutrients that are either available in the growing medium or fed to crops. After absorption, nutrients are transported all the way through the plant and used for vegetative growth, flowering and metabolism.

Rhizosphere/root zone

The rhizosphere is the environment made up of the roots, the bacterial and fungal communities that live within and immediately around them as well as the growing medium immediately adjacent to the roots. It typically has a more acidic pH than the remainder of the growing medium.


Trichomes are the fine hairs or prickles on plants. On some species of plant, the trichomes gather aromatic resins, which is why trichomes are highly prized by growers and considered a key indicator of crop quality and potency.

Vegetative phase

The first major phase of your crop’s life cycle, “veging” consists of an early and a late stage. It is during the vegetative phase that the bulk of the green upper plant mass develops prior to the onset of budding and flowering.