Achieve Healthier Buds & Flowers with Bloom Boosters

Tomatoes + Bloom Boosters

See your Plants blooming with Denser, Healthier and Gooier Buds, and Flowers… exclusively with Bloom Boosters

Bloom Boosters. What impression do you get just by hearing the name? Well, don’t you feel that it sounds like it has potential to boost your flowering by skyrocketing the development of a huge number of buds? Exactly! That’s how a bloom booster works.

Let’s have a look at the details.

Plants grown hydroponically can show delayed flowering due to many reasons. The most obvious reasons being: deficiency in the supply of appropriate nutrients, a sudden change in temperature and tampered light cycles or photoperiodism. Deciding the duration of exposure to light and dark correctly is absolutely your responsibility and you must study this basic mechanism before growing them hydroponically either indoor or outdoor. Thus, you can manipulate the day and night clock and observe how your plants react to it. So if you set it right, budding will be triggered instantly. This is one way to promote bud production in flowering plants. The next factor is related to supply of right nutrients in the right ratio and this is taken care of completely by bloom boosters available readily.

The ingredients in this nutrient multiply flowering sites per stem when administered during the bloom phase. This in turn escalates internal production of metabolites that further maximizes the budding sites and encourages prolific flowering and weighty blooms. To be precise, bloom boosters are designed to create bigger, heavier blossoms that deliver a robust, weighty harvest full of big, beautiful buds. Isn’t that great???

Now the question is what’s that smart technology that boosts budding and blooming in plants? To know the answer, first we need to dig in the biochemical pathway of buds and floral production. Plants utilize their stored potassium and phosphorous in developing extra floral structures and tissues; they also stimulate roots to produce extra cytokinins to further boost floral production throughout the bloom cycle. But why is this so significant? Well, the actual fact is, plants have extra reserves of these raw materials whose utilization is maximized during budding, flowering and oil production.

Another factor that contributes towards bud builder is the use of L- amino acids in bloom boosters. L- Forms are a key component to protein moiety; proteins are made up of only L- amino acid. Benefits of L-amino acid are abundant- help plants combat stress, increase root mass, trigger plants’ natural defense mechanism, stimulate essential metabolic activity, and promote nutrient absorption.

Powerful bloom boosters create extra reserves of potassium and phosphorus that directly feed production of essential oils and flavoring compounds when your buds are swelling and ripening.

Now, we shall sum up the benefits of bloom boosters in the following points…

  • Maximum yields and maximum budding sites
  • Optimum floral development
  • Optimum flowering
  • Optimum essential oils
  • More crop cycles per year
  • Saves time and money

So the bottom line is use bloom boosters as a supplement to a base nutrient in the flowering phase thereby bringing about the best out of your plants. Good luck!

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