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How to Treat Root Rot for Your Hydroponic Plants

root rot

A major threat to plants grown hydroponically, both indoor and outdoor is a “root rot”. As the name suggests, it’s a condition where the roots tend to rot due to over exposure to water. Bacteria, fungi, and mold invade the roots under such damp conditions and cause them to rot. Well, if you see your […]

Achieve Healthier Buds & Flowers with Bloom Boosters

Tomatoes + Bloom Boosters

See your Plants blooming with Denser, Healthier and Gooier Buds, and Flowers… exclusively with Bloom Boosters Bloom Boosters. What impression do you get just by hearing the name? Well, don’t you feel that it sounds like it has potential to boost your flowering by skyrocketing the development of a huge number of buds? Exactly! That’s […]

How to Choose the Right Grow Light for Hydroponic Gardening

If you are aiming to grow high value crops through indoor or outdoor gardening, an important element to be focused is the ‘Light’ and choosing the Right Grow Light! The two different types of grow lights that are used viz. Metal Halides (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights. Both are High-Intensity Discharge lamps, capable of […]

Nurture Your Garden with a Plant Tonic

pretty flower

Plant Tonics revitalize your garden with naturally occurring compounds Gardeners need to raise and nurture their plants in the same manner they bring up their babies. Because your plants are tender, timid and delicate; and when looked after properly they bring you the joys of fruits, flowers and bountiful harvests. So, the first thing to […]

Hydroponics Guide for Beginners: Newsletters, Videos & Stores

Lettuce Panorama

Learning to manage your grow room successfully is more than just gathering factual information. It not only requires optimum data to be applied for the respective scenario, but also an ability to use the information appropriately. Some growers will complain of low yield whereas their counterparts will enjoy a great harvest season. The difference in […]

Rejuvenate the Flowers in Your Garden with Aroma Enhancers

Flowers, of each and every variety, fill the world of nature with aroma and color. Likewise, the flowering stage is undoubtedly the most rewarding phase as your hard work and devoted time start to pay off. A majority of hydroponics growers find it difficult to obtain exceptionally large and quality flowers packed with flavor and […]